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Who is Jovan 

 Born an only child in Landover, Maryland, I was predominantly raised in Washington, DC's Fort Lincoln area. I later attended McKinley Technology High School where my true love for art occurred; learning paint textures, face cropping and digital designing was and still is true passion for me. The only thing was that Mckinley did not really focus in that realm. But that didn't change my passion. Even with me continuing my education at Delaware State University and obtained my degrees in Sociology and Psychology, I knew I still had a true love for art that would not go away. So I said to myself, God gave me a gift; why the hell won't you use it! So now I have traveled across parts of America to not only show my gift, but to promote the art forms that youth in today's society can use as a platform or even a personal outlet. 

My Story

Depending on where you are in the area, some would say that it might be difficult to find those hints of artistic vibes throughout the DMV area because of...well, politics!! True art enthusiast and lovers of the culture that it can be seen and felt any so many ways; from the detailed graffiti on the alley walls and subway trains, to a young kid singing in her first recital. Throughout my thirty plus years of living on this earth where art is the creator, and fifteen years of doing digital (and physical) art pieces, I have been blessed with the opportunity to showcase my love for what I do, but most importantly I have learned from others that have influenced me to continue making noticeable artwork and content; the Basquiat's, Jacob Lawrence's and Gordon Parks' of the world. These names have been influential in what I do and my decision to want to create a black owned business.

This is more than me just selling my art on a canvas or as a print. This is my way of showing that it is more than ok to yourself.




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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