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Urban Sunset

Joel G.

Jovan is an exceptional artist that crafts each of his work with the utmost care and precision. I’m a huge fan of how Jovan incorporates different aspects of Black Culture in his art pieces. One thing I most love about Jovan is his willingness and humility to be a student and learn from others. He is always looking for ways to improve his skills and works diligently to improve upon them. You can see the progression in his work and it’s apparent that he incorporates what he learns in his next piece. I truly admire his work and appreciates the work he puts into his craft.

Graffiti Dancers

You can tell he has a love for his craft and passion for art as a whole

Urban Skate Park

Jovan's  art speaks to the amount of talent that he has within. His ability to take people who mean so much to Black culture, to our community and transform it to brilliant artwork is amazing!

Derrick J.

Mautez B.

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